About Gene

Gene was just featured in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on ELVIS' birthday on page 12 around the country. He was the only Tribute Artist in the paper.Gene was the winner of the 2010 Fave Elvis in New York sponsered by radio station WVOX. He has steady gigs in restaraunts because of his follwing.

For the year 2010 and to help with the horrible economy, Gene will pay the gigmaster fee if you book him. GENE WAS CHOOSEN BY VANESSA WILLIAMS and MATT DILLON to perform for their families. IF YOU ARE A TRUE ELVIS FAN OR ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE THAT IS THEN YOU HAVE TO LOOK NO FURTHER.

Gene is considered one of the top Elvis acts in the country with a voice range of 3 and a half octaves. He has been featured in photos in fortune magazine,new york post front page of their entertainment insert and on the cover of the world wrestling federation.His outfits are exact replicas of elvis which cost in the thousands,no cheap halloween costumes here.

Gene has won many Elvis contests around the country. Gene has real hair and sideburns.His shows are total excitement. He will tailor the show for your needs. He will also pose for pictures and make your party unforgettable. He has played with some of Elvis' original band members who call Gene a wonderful showman with a God given true Elvis voice.

True Elvis Fans Follow Gene's Show's All Over. Gene has been contacted for many jobs that have gone to other Elvis Artists simply due to them not wanting to pay or other reasons. A lot of Elvis Artist will do things for free just to say they did it but, Gene puts a value on his show and connot do things for free, of course some charities are given consideration.THIS IS HIS LIVING WHICH HE TAKES SERIOUS, NOT AS A JOKE OR SOME HOBBY..SO FOR THE BEST IN ELVIS FOR OVER 20 YEARS,CHECK OUT GENE, NOT ONE CUSTOMER HAS BEEN DISATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!